publishing commercial illustration

This is another illustration for art licensing purposes. Just a groovy stylish character outside! This is a fictional unreal character. I have added some detail into the background have made the design of the creature simpler in order to make it differ from the surroundings.

Ellis illustrations, all rights reserved.


Editorial illustration

This is another illustration I have made this week! It has initially been sketched and then reproduced in this style. This is about commercial activities that might seem corrupt or maybe illegal. I just tried to interpret this subject in a stylish way adding a playful element as well to make it interesting. This does not relate to anything in particular but is it just another subject to illustrate! I don’t listen to the news and completely detached from reality in that respect but it is great to try different subjects that might seem difficult to illustrate.

Ellis Illustrations, all rights reserved.

Publishing content

Another illustration for great occasions. I have incorporated a tiny character with elfin style to make this more interesting. This is about successful study or anything successful. It was great to try a different style this time it was drawn and then reworked in soft tones digitally. Also adding an anthropomorphic style with animal elements makes this slightly more interesting while keeping the human content. This is not a resemblance or a real person.

Ellis Illustrations, all rights reserved

Cover illustration

Ellis illustrations illustrated covers publishing

This is another illustration about a cover of what the title describes. I wanted to create an illustration that combines small things that make a great day while keeping the essence of the wilderness element and adding a decorative style to this in order to make it more detailed.

Ellis illustrations, all rights reserved

stylish cards decorative art design

Simple card illustration designs

Blogging makes it worth posting new illustrations! This is a simple card designed illustration. It refers to different stylish decorative elements placed in one card to create something unique and older decorative press styles. Like any other piece of illustration this has some reference of different genres, while having a luxury lifestyle feel and combined brand awareness content style. Great to illustrate another one to go on my series!

Ellis Illustrations, all rights reserved.

Lifestyle illustration

This is a lifestyle illustration describing a stylish and cozy place that might perhaps be crowded during the warmer months of the year and it has a somewhat vacation feel to it, while it is more beautiful like this while no-one is there! It was great to add a proportions effect to make this more visually interesting and to combine different details to this one while using lively colours!

Elli’s Illustrations, all rights reserved